Install JBPM in Ubuntu

JBPM Introduction
                             JBPM((Java Business Process Model) is open source BPM(Business process management). It is written in the JAVA. It comes under the kie projects. It is useful for creating, deploying, executing and monitoring the business process. more info you will find here in this wikipedia link.


JBPM release version frequently as of now 7.36.0 is the latest version. We will install that version here.

Install Java

  • JBPM require the java if you don’t have java installed you can executor below command and install java after 
sudo apt-get install default-jre

Press Y 

  • Check your java version with below command
java -version

Install JBPM

  • To install jbpm we need to download the jbpm from the official site for that we are using wget command. If wget is not installed you can hit the below command and install and then fetch from the server.
apt-get install wget
  • Install unzip hit the below command 
sudo apt-get install unzip
  • Unzip the zip in to jbpm folder 
unzip -d jbpm
  • Go to inside bin folder which is in jbpm folder 
cd jbpm/bin/
  • Run the in with below arguments which allow you to access wildfly from any ip address and run in background
./ -b -bmanagement &
  • Go to browser and hit server url with below url

  • To stop jbpm hit the below command to find the process id of jbpm.
netstat -tulnp | grep 8080
  • Then kill this process id with below command 
sudo kill 15659


This JBPM  installation includes. 

  • WildFly server
  • Business Central
  • KIE Server

This is running on a file based H2 database.

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