Install JBPM using Docker

JBPM Introduction

                             JBPM((Java Business Process Model) is open source BPM(Business process management). It is written in the JAVA. It comes under the kie projects. It is useful for creating, deploying, executing and monitoring the business process.


JBPM release version frequently as of now 7.36.0 is the latest version. We will install that version here..Here in this blog I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Install Docker

  • There are many ways to install docker. We will use the easy one. Login with sudo user by below command
sudo su
  • Then hit below command this will download the script which will install docker based on the operating system .
curl -fsSL -o
  • Run this script by below command you will see output something below.
  • To check docker version hit below command 
docker version.

Pull JBPM Image And Run

  • To pull the jbpm image from the docker hub and start the jbpm hit below command. 
docker run -p 80:8080 -p 8001:8001 -d --name jbpm jboss/jbpm-server-full:7.36.0.Final
It is doing below things
  • docker run:- run new container
  • -p :- forward port from the container to host operating system 
  • 80:8080:- forward the container 8080 port to operating system 80 port
  • 8001:80001 :- forward the container 8001 port to operating system 8001 port
  • -d:- run container in the background
  • –name :- container name (which is used to stop and start container)
  • jboss/jbpm-server-full:7.36.0.Final:- image which we want to pull and run 
  • Login with “wbadmin” user id and “wbadmin” password.
  • To stop jbpm 
docker container stop jbpm
  • To start again jbpm
docker container start jbpm


This JBPM  installation includes. 

  • WildFly server
  • Business Central
  • KIE Server

This is running on a file based H2 database.

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