Install Liferay 7

There are 2 version of Liferay. Community and Enterprise (Liferay DXP).

  • You can download Liferay community version from here .
  • You can download Liferay DXP 30 Trial version Version from here.

Installation Of Liferay Community
Here we will install community version so select bundled with tomcat. which is coming with inbuilt tomcat so we do not need to install separate tomcat.

  • It will download zip file that you will need to extract. Native Windows Zip file extractor may produce errors due to long file names contained in this bundle. To avoid this issue please use a 3rd party unzipping tool such as WinZip, 7-Zip, or WinRar. 
  • The folder structure would be like this.
  • After extract go to tomcat folder then bin folder and click on startup.bat(window) or (Unix).

    Check log file for any error. If 8080 port is used by some application then it will give error. Make sure 8080 port is not used by other application otherwise you need to change port.

    To change port:- 
    go to Liferay-bundle/tomcat/conf/server.xml. Open that file and change Connector port, Connector AJP port and Server shutdown port. Ex you need to change 8080,8005 and 8009
  • It will start tomcat and wait for some time to start.
  • First time it will display below page with admin user and database configartion . database I am changing to MySQL.

By default, Liferay uses Hypersonic database which is not recommended for production So I would suggest to use other database for development purpose also.

Liferay DXP supporting more database than community version.

  • If you want to use another database then first you need to create blank database in MariaDB or MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Change database from hypersonic to MariaDB or MySQL or PostgreSQL and enter Respective database jdbc URL, username and password.
  • Note: Make sure that respective database jar must be available in lib/ext folder.
  • Path: go to Liferay-bundle/tomcat/lib/ext

After changing database, you need to restart again so it will create tables in given database.

  • Now login with below details
password: test

Installation Of Liferay DXP

  • When you download Liferay DXP then it will be providing trial licence file of 30 days.
  • if you are using Liferay DXP then it will be asking about licence and you need to apply licence.
  • Place licence file inside -> Liferay-bundle/deploy

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